8 English Traditional Foods You Must Try On Your English Backpacking Tour!


Foods you HAVE to try whilst in England:

1. The Full English breakfast comprises of various components: bacon or sausages or both, hash browns, beans, toast, black pudding (sausage made from pigs blood hence the dark colouring,) eggs (however you like them), mushrooms and tomatoes. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t eat them every day and are usually reserved for a hangover or weekend. People are very particular about which of these exactly belong on their breakfast plate and how they cook them. What a way to start the day! Smaller variations include bacon or sausage sandwiches or ‘sarnies’, keep your eyes peeled for builders getting their teeth into these as you hop on or off the bus. Hungover? This is the ultimate cure.


The full english


2. The Roast Dinner (typically eaten on Sundays and therefore nicknamed a ‘Sunday roast’) -or carvery- is similar in the multiple item sense, in that there are variations and choices of what appears on your plate: the meat of choice (beef, chicken, pork, lamb or nut roast for vegetarians) is usually accompanied by roast potatoes- often crispy and dripping with goose fat, Yorkshire puddings (a batter formed into a dish shape to fill with veg, meat and gravy), carrots, greens, stuffing and gravy. You’ll get to try this one on our 3 Day Coast Weekender Tour on Sunday, our 3 Day Classic Tour on Friday and our 7 Day North-West Explorer Tour on Sunday too, in a traditional carvery!

the sunday roast


3. Fish and chips from the (wait for it) fish and chip shop or “chippy” is just that: Battered cod or haddock with chips doused in salt and vinegar, bad for your heart, great for your taste buds. Usually accompanied with mushy peas and found in different variations throughout the country. ‘Up North’ it’s more common to have gravy with your chips, and curry sauce is equally as popular. We also eat the chips in buttered bread as a ‘chip butty’. On our backpacker tours you’ll get to try fish & chips at any local chip shop and especially by the seaside in Brighton or Blackpool on our 3 Day Coast Weekender and 7 Day North-West Explorer.

fish & Chips


4. Away from eateries, you will encounter traditional English food in supermarkets and on the high street too. All along the south coast of England and nationwide in bakeries like Greggs, you can sample Cornish Pasties; a semi-circle of short crust pastry with beef and vegetables encased inside. And now Greggs also now offer a vegan alternative of their famous sausage rolls.

the cornish pasty


5. Custard is an English accompaniment to cakes and desserts or eaten alone, a thick vanilla cream eaten hot or cold. In French they even call it ‘crème Anglaise’ (English cream) but they didn’t manage to replicate the viscosity. Sometimes jelly can be found paired with custard too, although you’d be more likely to find this at a kid’s birthday party, but you can find the combination in a trifle, which also contains sponge, fruit and cream.



6. A novelty English edible treat you can buy are Twiglets- a savoury snack with a Marmite flavouring. Very similar to its Australian counterpart Vegemite, Marmite has a slogan ‘you either love it or you hate it’- which camp will you be in?

marmite on a crumpet!


7. A quintessentially English savoury snack found in pubs- forget your biltong- is pork scratchings.

pork scratchings


8. And for those with a sweet tooth, a sugary treat to be hunted down is definitely fudge, in its multitudes of flavours like ice cream, stacked up in blocks like gold bars, and if you’re lucky to find a fudge shop, you may even get to watch them making it or even have a go yourself. You can try this on all of our backpacker tours around England with a demo and free sample!




Take a look at our backpacker tours and you’re guaranteed the chance to try all of these foods, especially on our walking tours where we visit traditional shops in the area and try some of their treats!