Q: Is there an upper age limit on the tours?

A: Absolutely not! In terms of a lower age limit you must be over 18 years old to join our tours. Unlike some companies for backpackers who place an upper age restriction on their tours, we embrace the fact that backpackers and budget travellers come in all shapes, sizes and ages! If you love meeting people, want to see England and have a backpacking spirit then you’re welcome to join us.

Q: What if I don’t want to stay in the shared dormitories?

A: We’d recommend that you stay in the dormitories for much better value (hotel rooms in England can sometimes cost twice or three times more!) and for the social experience- but if dorms aren’t for you then you’re welcome to book your own private accommodation. The only condition is that you must be able to meet at the hostel when specified on the itinerary. Please enquire if you would like to find out if there is private accommodation at the hostels we stay at (there may be availability in our hostels in Bath, Liverpool, Kendal, Brighton and Bournemouth).

Q: Am I able to book some nights in the dormitories and some nights in private accommodation?

A: Yes, that’s fine if you book the private accommodation nights yourself and agree to meet in the hostel when needed for departure. When booking, please specify the dates you would like to stay in the hostel dorm and we will make sure you have dorm beds reserved for the nights requested.

Q: Will I have to pay a lot for food and activities whilst on the tours?

A: No you won’t! The tours have been tailored to a backpacker budget, so that every optional activity has a free option instead. We have also negotiated discounts with restaurants, cafes and bars in most destinations on the tour so that you can get cheap eats and drinks whilst away with us.

Q: I’m not a party person- is this a party tour?

A: The tour guide will recommend nightlife options in each place for those who want them, but unlike some other companies the tours are not meant to be ‘party tours’. They are tailored to a typical backpacker lifestyle which involves a balance of culture, sightseeing, activities and occasional partying! The included pub crawl is not compulsory and on other evenings there will be some group dinners and quizzes that do not have to involve partying.

Q: Why do you depart from Park Royal Tube Station and not from Central London?

A: We depart from there because it saves us time driving into London during rush hour, and it also saves you time sitting on the bus through a lot of traffic when trying to leave London, so you can get to your first destination quicker.

Q: Is it possible to leave the tour at one of the stops, and not return to London?

A: Yes, you’re able to leave the tour at any time, but you are unable to claim a refund for the days you miss.

Q: Am I able to travel onwards to Edinburgh/Scotland after The Lake District instead of returning to London?

A: Yes, we can help arrange that onward travel for you.

Q: Do you cater to vegetarians/vegans?

A: Yes, we have made sure that almost all food options we offer or recommend have vegetarian and vegan options. There will also be some samples of English treats offered on the bus that will all be vegetarian, and most will be vegan.

Q: I have changed my mind and would like to cancel my tour- am I entitled to a refund?

A: You can cancel or change your tour by emailing hello@thefullenglishbb.com.

You are entitled to a refund depending on the notice given:
14-30 days prior to departure- 50% refund
7-13 days prior to departure- 25% refund
Later than 13 days prior to departure- 0% refund

You may change your booking to another tour or date at a cost of £20 admin fee per person per change, as well as any other costs incurred such as different price of tour/accommodation.